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(NB41) Polls Wall

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3 minutes ago, Kamchatka Peninsula said:

Tell me, please, will support for new versions IPS?

I buy the plugin, and it does not work correctly - in the Polls tree topics are added, in which there is no polling. :(


I support the plugin. But I can't test every plugin with every ips release. If you have any problems just tell me and I'll look into that

What's wrong? How to reproduce the problem? Step by step please

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12 hours ago, Kamchatka Peninsula said:

On one of the projects, I updated Invision Community v4.3.0, unfortunately, plugin on does not work.:sad:

What doesn't work? I need more information.

12 hours ago, Cyboman said:

Let us create different independent "polls walls", and limit each of the walls to polls IDs (and/or/not only subforums)? I want to preselect polls to be displayed in special walls...

I think it would be better/easier make this with app. Page on ACP with list of walls

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