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(VN41) Veizor - Innovative gaming style

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Version 1.3 (Warning!: This version of the style you need to reinstall, because it was affected by the old settings.) What's new: General: Bug Fix General: Added support for babble

Version 2.0.4 What's new: compatibility Fixed all errors from the theme support This is the last release under 4.1. All future will go only for 4.2 and ab

@Veilon Will you help me out or should I just seek a new template from a different developer?

I've been upgrading clients, I get a lot of custom work and I mean a lot. I have to upgrade them first before I go through the Twitch App - It's in my roadmap though once I get my first theme release

Try to reinstall the theme and configured correctly. If that doesn't help, then please give access to the ACP and specify which settings you want to apply. Sorry for the long wait, we have a lot of wo

Because of the new compression format of resources in IOS 4.2 using SVG icons using standard resource loader is not possible. As alternatives I can offer You 1. Replace icons in PNG Forum Node (A

Version 1.1 What's new: In the subject added extra theme and CKEditor configuration. Added ability to remove forum border-radius from the style settings Added ability to sele

.ipsBreadcrumb > ul > li { line-height: inherit; } Not sure if this is intentional or not, but... 1, the breadcrumbs are misaligned though I think this is because of the edits we

The update everything will be fixed. Thanks for the information about the found errors.

We will try to fix all the errors in our topics on the new version 4.2 of IPS. Thanks for the support.

File is downloaded, it should now be fine

Slides should be installed in series with the picture. Otherwise, they overlap each other

I bought 2 (zeron / veizor ) skin this author does not recommend their services, I feel like I was cheated and never got help to solve the problems. tried to contact the author of the skin but he di

Hello, thank you for this great theme ! Good Job ! I  have the same problem : Version : 2.0.4 - The others icons works. It's Strange... I have reinstall the theme b

Thank you so much lol. Just wondering, does the theme maker update it later to support 4.2? It's my second day here and I don't know much.

Hey could we get some helpwhenever you ahve some time. We recently upgraded to 4.2 and and the mobile icons no longer work at the top of the page.   Also when we post links to another page t

Thanks Veilon, it works now. Nrj PS. Love your theme, BTW.

Version 1.1 - 4.2 What's new: 4.2.4 compatibility Redesign of some components of the style Bug Fix (Settings Lang and Code) Add more new Functions

Solutions: 1) Go to ACP -> Veizor Theme -> Edit css/html> CSS -> _veilon.css -> Make absolutely any change to a file (for Example You can write any letter, save the template, then

Still doesn't work, I think this is an issue with the theme. Including the guy above that's 3 people reporting missing icons.    Edit: Would appear to be related to only SVG images, loo

Theme settings -> Backgrounds -> Highlighted Post Background and Highlighted Post Border  

You installed version 4.1.19 style on IPS version 4.2. Download style version 4.2 and install it

Soon will reply. (30-40 min)

What version of IPS do you use? And send a screenshot of slider settings to a PM.

We are aware of this problem and will release an update within 2-3 days.

Thank God I wasn't the only person seeing this problem

Yes, Veizor will be updated within 2 days.

Version 1.2 - 4.3 What's new: Fixed all bugs found during the period of no updates. Added Topic View functions Added Titles and Widgets functions Swipper Slider update

Since you put my name it, I will respond,  @Veilon has given me 100% support, even had his coder for theme come into my AdminCP and fix issues.....he does have a querky side, but it's not for the

Hello Denis, so a couple bugs I wanted to point out. I fixed most of them myself but so you can update the theme Wrong background colors in the Private Messaging conversation page (fixed myself

I think this may be with PHP maxfile_upload_size it is set to 2m and your file is 2.3mb im asking host to increase.

Excellent! Just downloaded your theme

All fixed and in the next update (1.0.1) will not happen anymore. Thanks for the info!

nvm. . . cancel that!   Enjoying everything so far

Version 1.0.1 What's new ? : Added settings totally change the color of all the buttons on the forum Added option to hide button in 'guestMessage'              

I got you fam on the text hugging the blocks Edit the theme Go to CSS Find Forums > Font > Forums.css In that find html[dir="ltr"] .cPost .ipsComment_content { padding-r

Alright, I imagine thats another way of doing it. Btw Dylan wheres you sweet ass Twitch Plugin?!

Well I'm lookin forward to it bud, it would be perfect for my Tom Clancy's The Division Forums

Good to know / I'll add that bit-- I just refreshed it prior and noticed it resolved itself and was wondering how that happened.

A few more things to also point out... Activity Stream > Date/Calendar boxes + Comment bubbles need some treatment... (Pardon the dummy text) If I set your theme to Default, it

1 - Fixed 2 - So conceived, but for You I the next version will make setting these buttons from AdminCP and You will be able to exchange them for ones that will be most convenient for You.

The graphics in the header are images from the recent articles, pulled from a block where you configured what to articles to use. It will slide through the last 10 (configurable) article images. This

I will try to implement this after the release of version 1.2. Namely 1.2.1 and 1.2.2, if possible to implement, then I'll get all this in style settings.

Loving some of the new features, a few things to point out... 1. When a forum is empty, there's no background so you get... 2. Widget text color not overriding / not able to be set...

Go to your theme and the pencil. Click on Main Setting, Use rounded photos, set to off.

Blame the widgets sidebar, if I add any widget, you will be fine. Clients such problem should arise.

Nice slider implementation! But since it's the entire background I think users can find it a little distracting. A fade option would be nice, kinda like this: http://jsfiddle.net/5M2PD/4/

Version 1.2. 3 The bug fix beta version Code optimization and add comments to it Support version 4.1.9 Will do in next versions

I'll fix it in the next update.

There is Another way to change the navbar Icon that works very good for me. First install: Navigation Icons by IPS Themes  and add the Icon you want. Then paste this on your custom.css and c

I think you should pm the author Denis M for issues Now, you leave out all the CSS code for the public.

It´s a bug in IPS 4.1.10 Use this patch to and replace the old one.  

Add .htaccess php_value upload_max_filesize 20M php_value post_max_size 20M  

Version What's new: Support IPS

Our coder will answer you as soon will online, sorry for the wait.

Here an example

Version 1.3 - 4.3 What's new: Fixed all bugs found during the period of no updates. Articles block are adapted to the style as succinctly as possible Added several new functi

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