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Message inviter should be able to remove that member


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There was recently a situation where a member (@kar3n2) could not remove someone from a group message, and she invited them by mistake. The problem was she was not the message starter, and only they can remove participants. If they are not online this can cause issues.

I would suggest, since the message starter can already remove participants, also:

  • Allow inviters of new members to the conversation to remove those members only, since they invited them. The message starter would also have this control (as they already do). So basically give the same remove/rejoin power to inviters of new participants. Takes care of oops scenarios which can prove disastrous.
  • Also a feature addition could be to allow message starters to name moderators for that discussion. If you start a group discussion, in the same menu where you can remove a person, there could be a "Make moderator" option (and remove). This way, if the message starter is ever offline, on vacation or whatever, the group message has a moderator, which is just the same permission as the message starter.
  • There was recently this suggestion for moderators to also have control (by @Colonel_mortis), but I do like the idea of simply clicking under a name and the member is a conversation mod. Some of these long group discussions are like groups and it can be taken care of without bothering mods.

Just ideas, but I see #1 as an oversight as I expected to see that as possible, and an inviter of a member should be able to remove even if not the message starter. Thanks!

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Another great idea yes @chilihead

(I was stuck in a tight pickle there but fortunately the other two people in the message understand my mistake. The person I added has still not visited so he is none the wiser yet.)

I think the idea of a trusted moderator is great so person who started the group message can let it roll without worrying about anything if he is absent for a few days 

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