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Button in CKEditor to delete content of Text Area


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Hello, i want to make a feature suggestion.

A button in CKEditor to delete the content of the Text Area.

This is very important for the mobile experience, because right now, no one can for example delete a quote in mobile. You can backspace in the keyboard, and the quote simple won't disappear. And because the editor saves the content, even if we get out and return, the empty quote will still be there.

The ideal solution would be to make it possible to delete the quote, but because this does not seem something easy to fix, would not be possible to create a button that will wipe the content in the text area?

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On 3/6/2016 at 9:07 PM, Lindy said:

I would wait for 4.1.9 for further feedback. The quirkiness of getting rid of quotes has been addressed.

No it hasn't.  

I would like to second the concerns of @dragonfly411.

I was making a (not so good joke) post about Kenneth Cole shoes and couldn't delete the quote on mobile.  I also just tried my community and to delete a test quote (running v4.1.12.2) and couldn't delete on mobile again.  And this is from someone who actually knows to click on the little square to delete because he follows IPS.  

I tried to click in the little square to backspace delete.  Not work.  

I tried to click after the quote in regular editor and backspace delete.  Not work.  

Running Android 5.0.1

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On 15/06/2016 at 4:30 AM, Lindy said:

I don't use Android, but is there a way for you to take a video of what's happening if you can consistently reproduce? We're happy to take a look.

I'm fairly sure it had been reproduced by devs, but it's happening because andrdoid thinks it would be funny not to send backspace events, so the "on backspace, delete quote" event isn't being fired. It would be really helpful if, when the quote was focused, the move button, as well as a delete button, showed up so you can easily move or delete it.

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