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Kyhn Sahl

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Hey Boys and Girls 

i have a question regards the groups system in IP, 
when i post something on my Forum only my main group avatar shows and i want alle the groups im in to show but only the avatars from the groups 

"so like i have Support, and Moderator, and Admin"
and my main group is Admin 
only the admin Avatar from the admin group shows,
and i want the Avatar from the Support, Moderator and admin avatar to show

hope thats Explains it otherwise let me know :) 

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The Secundary Group Image Might Work

i mean like you have IPS Staff Image Right?
if you had a secundary Group whit a banner i want thats one to show aswell
even if you have like 5 secundary groups it will show all 5 images :)

you think Secondary Group Images will work? :)

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