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AdSense breaks layout / themes?

Hunter Lyons

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I've noticed that AdSense banners break responsive themes. The normal small adverts work fine on mobile, but the banners stretch the screen too far. I've tested this not only on my site but an IPS 3 site, as well as on other phones besides my own, and even by zooming in on Google Chrome (depending on your screen size, at around 200% ish your browser will become like a mobile browser if the website you are on has a responsive design). Some examples of this breaking are:




The banner stretches beyond the limit of the responsive theme, so the size of the page is adjusted. It zooms "correctly" at the beginning, but for example if you open the menu bar, it seems like the menu bar does not appear. However, it does- just way off to the generated edge of the webpage. If you scroll down to the banner ad, you can see it sticking out past the edge upon zooming out.


Is there any solution to this? Can I include some code in my banner ad which replaces it with a smaller ad (I have a smaller AdSense ad unit I use which is mobile friendly) on mobile devices?


This is pretty urgent, as it completely breaks mobile navigation- most people don't realize the menu bar is popping out, just waay off to the side.



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I'm actually using the responsive unit where the banner is. It just... isn't being responsive. Should I maybe report this to Google? I'm not sure. (I use the responsive unit there where the banners are breaking it, then on my sidebar I use one of the small box units. Ironically the sidebar one is mobile friendly and the one meant to be is not.)

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