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2mb upload limit?

Lenny Warren

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I've moved my images to Amazon S3 so I'm happy to allow large picture sizes, however, even though I've set a group to upload unlimited filesizes, I still have a 2Mb limit, as seen here...



and when i try it,  I get an obvious error... Am I missing something?


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Oops, having a daft moment, from the back of my mind I remembered that's a PHP setting on my server, I've changed that to 8Mb. Is this likely to cause an issue on a VPS? I had members complaining that even on their iphones it often went over 2Mb, and users these days don't seem to want to bother reducing file size. They just want to post willy nilly... Tsk... in my day that was a cardinal sin, although I'm a press photographer by trade. ;)

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