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Something Strange - Hide Tags


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I've just upgraded v2.2 -> v3.4 -> 4.1.8

Despite sticking a "hide until reply" plugin on I found i am seeing tags that say [/hide_me] whereas checking my v2 database for the same post they were [/hide]

Does part of the conversion process change these tags in posts? I think I have 2 options: 1) regex change it on the db 2) import another copy of the plugin which has the "new" tags.

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Turns out replacing it was easier than I anticipated...

UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET post = REPLACE(post, '[hide_me]', '[hide]');
UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET post = REPLACE(post, '[/hide_me]', '[/hide]');


I just found a bug too (or at least a limited feature, as I expect that type isn't stored). If you edit a post and go back into a code box, it changes the type of code back to HTML..

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