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Aaarghhh.... broken it? File settings Amazon S3

Lenny Warren

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Hi guys,

Eek, help, not sure if I've mucked something up.

I've decided to use Amazon S3 for my file uploads and gallery images. I decided to test it by setting

Profile Photos
Forum icons

and maybe a few others to the S3, on the basis that it would be quicker to test than my uploads folder. I decided this was maybe a daft idea and switched them back. I got an error that "files were being moved" but after I saved the page they are showing as back to my server location. I then switched attachments and Gallery Images to the Amazon S3 server

However I'm now getting broken image links on my forum. Even my forum icons are broken... Also, nobody can upload now... I'm getting complaints.

When I check in my Amazon S3 control panel, there seems to be nothing in my bucket. I know these files are moved in the background and can take a while, but I thought i would see something in my bucket by now...

Eek, have things got lost with me farting about or are they still in the progress of moving?

I setup everything on Amazon as per instructions...

I raised a priority ticket over an hour ago, but still not heard anything. Wished I'd never touched it now... :cry:

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