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MySQL "too many connections" problem with IPS4

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Since upgrading to IPS4 our site is constantly suffering from a "too many [MySQL] connections" error. We've increased the no. of available connections (it's a dedicated server, not shared hosting) incrementally to 350 (from an original 150 which we used with IPS3), which has reduced the occurrence of the error, but it still happens.

Having looked at the running MySQL process, this seems to be due to a lot of MySQL processes waiting for a table lock.

Any ideas about how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you both :)

The server is crashing repeatedly as it is due to queued table lock requests during peak periods.

Any suggestions regarding doing the above? I've had a look and there are a list of 12 tables using FULLTEXT indices, so converting those tables to InnoDB using a simple ALTER statement isn't an option I guess.

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Let us know some info :

1)Is it a dedicated server or vps?

2)What's your cpu and how much ram ?

3)Is it ipb 4?

4)Do you use any cache on your system (zend opcache or memcache) ?

5)Web server that you use?

6)Php version that you use?

7)Post output info from mysqltuner script :)

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