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10 days on IPB and (not actually) hacked !!

Himadri Goswami

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I'm actually disappointed very much. Moved from wordpress and BBpress to IPB, with a hope. Spent $200 and worked on it for last so many days. Implemented all security measures as advised. Today suddenly I noticed a warning in Google search result as your site may have been hacked.


To confirm I reached google webmaster tools, and this is what I get


So disappointing !!! worked on wordpress for so long on various sites! Didn't face any issues

Now please tell me what's the hope to continue putting in effort in IPB?

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Don't believe everything google tells you. They flagged my adsense for showing advertisement along quote "Pornographic imagery or media" which in reality it was simply a thread titled "Twitch boobs" which was a thread dedicated to the recent changes twitch had made *at the time. Worry not and rely on your ssh logs if you're self hosted.

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