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Refund via nexus application

Marius Mischlich

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we want to sell a subscription with the nexus application. We would like to use the Paypal gateway. The problem is which we discovered during some tests is that if I would refund the payment with paypal the subscription does not close. So if he buys it for 1 Month and open a dispute on paypal to get his money back the system do not realize is and do not close the subscription. In the old software it worked via an paypal payment notification and the subscription got canceled. Is there anyway to do this?


TLDR: If someone refund a payment on paypal can the system cancel the product of the customer?

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23 hours ago, Marius Mischlich said:

Thanks for you answer.


I mean if it is a small shop it is completely fine but if it will get bigger there it would really help that it works automatically

Again, if I am correct it does handles it automatically. What is not happening automatically that should be happening? From my previous knowledge, it changes the invoice from ACTIVE to REFUNDED. 

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