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Installing IPS 4 on Docker


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I've been working on installing IPS 4 inside of Docker and I have a somewhat functioning setup for doing so. If you're interested, extract the attached ZIP into a fresh download of IPS 4 and run 'docker-compose up' (assuming you've setup Docker and Docker Compose) in that directory. You should end up with a set of containers:

  • MariaDB
  • Nginx + PHP(5)-FPM
  • Redis (caching)
  • Watchtower (automatic updates of Redis and MariaDB)

Every container will automatically update either itself (nginx) or via Watchtower (everything else), which should make some things easier. However, it will currently take containers down when they need to be updated, so you shouldn't use this as-is for any live community (there are also other security concerns to be fixed). It has various security optimizations enabled for PHP like open_basedir.

It should store all changes to the web root in a Docker volume, so plugins and uploads should function as expected. The docker-compose.yml file configures nginx to always bind to port 32768 - feel free to change this, but note changing the port will break your license. When installing, use the host 'mariadb' and the username, password, and database name 'ipb'. You can configure Redis caching after installation with the hostname 'redis' on port 6379.

This might make things easier for Windows or Mac users desiring a development/testing environment for IPB. If you don't have Docker, check out docker.com and the quickstart installer: https://docs.docker.com/windows/


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