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I am needing to add discount functionality to commerce, more than what is available right now. currently theres these 3 choices.


Most of  these 3 are self explanatory.

1st Usergroup: would apply a discount for the specific user for that item

2nd Previous Purchase: would be if they have purchased before you get a specific price for that item

3rd Sale Discount: allows you to discount 1 item after x amount are in your cart to $x.xx

I am needing exactly like the Sales Discount section however it will discount the whole sale. For example if someone buys 1-4 of my items the price is $435 an item however if they buy 5-9 items the price per item drops to $400.

So from the above an example... I have a customer wanting 3 items. they put in 3 and the total would come out to be $1,305. Now anther customer wanting 7 items their price would be $2,800. 

I am wanting it to look exactly like the "Sale Discounts" section but apply like I have described in the above paragraph example.

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Hello again @shyest,

As stated before, if you don't find your solution to this, please contact me at the email below. I have planned a successfully customized method to allow this to work for you and I'd love to implement this into place for you.

You have my contact information. Don't hesitate to contact me if we can't help you here first.

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