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Help to realize a downtime compensation in the Commerce APP

Marius Mischlich

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Hello together,

my following question is related to the commerce topic. We want to switch to IPS. We are selling a product and want to use the commerce application to realize that. When we update our product it will result in a downtime. At the moment we use a different software and we need to add the downtime manually to the subscriptions. I am testing at the moment if it is possible to do it automatically with IPS4. My idea was to create a Block on the client site with an php code. With this code i want to execute a sql command which add the downtime to the subscription time. I found the table nexus_purchases where the ps_expire is located. If I change this value the subscription time will change. Problem for me is that I have no clue in which format this value is. Here is an example date/expire time value: "1456426517" This value shows in plain text the 25/02/2016

My question is: Will this way work for me? Do I need to explain my problem or ideo more detailed? Is there a better way to solve the downtime compensation?


Regards Marius

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It's a UNIX timestamp (seconds passed since Jan 01 1970).

You can use an SQL query:

UPDATE nexus_purchases SET ps_expire=( ps_expire + ( 60*60*24 ) ) WHERE ps_active=1

This would add a day to active subscriptions. 60*60*24 is a day in seconds, if you want two you can just append *2...

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