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Been with ips 4.1 a while now! and?


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Well i've been with you almost a year i believe. I used to run a few sites on mybb forums and i closed them because they just....well it was time to close that chapter. But one of those sites i continued. And i brought it to ips on the suggestion from a friend who has modded a few forums that run the 3.x version of ips. I did not see the point of getting that version because 4.0 had just came out so i went with it. And understood things were going to be buggy as ****!

I kind of just wanted to make this thread and just say the 4.1 update is not exactly what i thought it would be. It did however fix a few issues i had personally and looking at it i see its been an improvement overall. And that i am very happy with the progress despite a few minor issues!

The apps and plugins coming out are also amazing so the developers really need a hug god damn hug. @Mike John who has provided me more than i could ask for. AND is such a great guy and listens to feedback and fixes asap! great great guy. Go buy his plugins. He needs an award or something.

Im really excited for 4.2! and while i had some issues with support taking a while. I understand that was a time of change due to lots of new features in the updates and things seem super fast now on that end.

So to sum it all up. IPS DEVS! i effin love you! take all my darn cookies. Hell even take my wife! you can have everything i own. Just not my dog! i love her too much :D

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9 hours ago, Mark said:

You can send cookies to me. I'll make sure they get shared out. :ph34r:

200 tonnes of cookies coming your way hehe

4 hours ago, Lindy said:

I'll take the wife... another one won't hurt (unless the first finds out.) 

Seriously though, thanks for the feedback. Glad you're enjoying IPS4! 


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