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Split/Move issue on IPS


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For example, I have a topic that has 100 posts in it.
But, 15 of those 100 I want to MOVE to another topic that already exists on Board.

It is logical to mark all 15 posts.
It is logical then to click on Moderation Actions.
It is logical then to see the available options, and to choose MOVE.


It is logical that, after clicking on the MOVE, I get a field in which I will paste URL link of the topic that I want to MOVE posts in.
Everything is worked like this on IPB3.

But in the version IPS4, things are not logical.
I mark these 15 posts, click the Moderation Actions, select MOVE.
But IPS4 then ask from me to choose (select) subforum (category) where I want to move those 15 posts???


No, no, no ... I want to MOVE (transfer) to another topic that already exists on the board. But I can not enter the URL address of that topic because it has only the option to choose category.

I then click on SPLIT.
IPS4 asks me if I want to ''split'' these 15 posts in New Topic, or Existing Topic.


I choose Existing Topic, then paste the URL address of Topic where I want to MOVE posts.

I would like to get response from IPS Staff who were responsible for writing this part of code for IPS4...in which English dictionary word ''SPLIT'' means the same as ''MOVE''?
And, since when these two words mean the same because on IPB3 did not mean the same?

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  • Management

to divide into distinct parts or portions

I can understand that in your mind, your goal is to "move" those posts into another topic, but logistically speaking, you're splitting them off from the current topic. 

There is no "move" post -- the "move" under Moderation Actions is to move the entire topic into a different forum. There is a distinct menu that pops up at the bottom of the topic when you select multiple posts - that is your action menu for those selected posts -- anything else applies to the entire topic.

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  • 4 months later...

I'm very confused about the Move functionality also. I would assume that as a super admin I could move ANY post to ANY topic whenever I want. I agree that the terminology is confusing but you can use "Split" to move posts. The problem though is with the first post.

So a member created a new topic in my forum and added a single post. This post really belongs under another topic which already exists, the member who created maybe didn't realize or notice, whatever. What I want to do is move this post to the existing topic and delete the duplicate topic this member created. But there is no checkbox on the first post of any topic (as far as I can tell) so there is no way to "Split" that post. The only "move" options that appear to be available on single post topics is moving the entire topic to a new forum.

I'm not sure if this is an oversight in the development or if it's purposeful. Perhaps I'm missing something and you can set me straight. In any case, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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The first post is considered the topic itself; without the first post, there's in fact, no topic. In that scenario, you would merge the topic with another. That action is under "Moderation actions." 


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