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No format after path change


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Hi I moved all my files from  /IPS to  "/"  , I also changed the conf_global.php , but my site looks completely unformatted.

What more I shoud do ?  I read that i should recaché skin but I do not know if it is that what i must do and how to do it. 

help please.



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I would guess you're seeing your site but without any css ?

Go to the Admin Control Panel and then Support > 'Something is not working correctly' > Follow it through and keep going (after its first recache) until it gets to the stage where it wants you to submit a support request >

At this stage, stop and refresh the board index page. It should be correct now.

If you are struggling to find the 'Support' link (if your ACP is unstyled) use your browsers Find function to search for 'Something is not'

If you are not sure about this , please just submit a ticket in the Client Area for it to be resolved. :)

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