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Please add "Display as topic/content list" to search


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If you search topics (or other content) there is no way to view as a list of topics (content item), it is all posts, so you may see 30 posts from one topic, so it makes finding individual topics hard. What is result #31 in a post listing may be result #2 in a topic listing.

3.4 has this as:
Display results [ ]As posts [ ]As a topic list

Streams has it as "Content items only."

Something similar to the stream setting should be added to work with the way seach works now in 4.1. This would be very beneficial to search.


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What if you are searching for a specific topic or subject and have 9 pages of replies to topics before you see it?
What if you are looking for a blog on a certain subject, why do you have to weed through the sea of blog comments?
How do you search for an article and not get comments?

Search needs a "Content items only" setting.

And title search doesn't help if what you are looking for is in the body of the content item.

PS. "Blog Entries" is a misleading search, it should say Blogs since it searches the comments too. Images too really (better as Gallery), sounds like you are looking for images but getting comments. A content item/comments setting like streams has though, would clear that up. :)

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