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Forum Category guest permission grayed out??

The Honor Empire

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Hello @The Honor Empire,


How many forums do you have? Is it a lot? Things like this happens when you reach the max amount of forums. You would need to edit forums one-by-one to work around this.

  1. Try editing forum permission per group and see if you can do it
  2. Try edit forum permission per forum and see if you can do it

Let us know if this helps. If you needs hands on help, my webpage is listed below.

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4 hours ago, Shawn Tierney said:

I ran into the same issue this morning, and while I was able to change the setting for the group it had no reflection on the forum permission, so The Honor I created a new category.

BTW - what is the max forum limit? I have a lot of forums and sub forums (9 years worth)

I forgot haha, but I know i have also passed that limit. I now have to edit forum permissions one at a time :(

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