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Commerce APP. Uploading huge files.


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So I requested a demo on the IPS site to test the Commerce APP. I created a product and uploaded an attachment to it, it was a 1GB file. It worked just fine, the attchment dialog didn't say anything about any limits, it's not there.

So then I purchased the app and I'm testing it on my server under my test site. Ran into this:

- My account group upload space was limited, so I set it to unlimited.

- php upload_max_filesize was set to 2 megs, so I set it to 5 gigs for testing. Also did this for post_max_size.

- Next the attachment was limited by php memory_limit, so I set that to 5GB too.

I went back to the edit the product and upload the attachment, I see the 5GB limit. I tried to upload the 1GB file, but it gets stuck, and I get this error: There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200


So... in the IPS demo site I don't see any limits in the attachment dialog, and it works just fine.

On my site I see the limit notice, and it doesn't work. I already tried increasing php max_execution_time, nada.

I'm wondering how is IPS setting this up... their demo sites don't show any limit in the attachments.


Edit, I looked on the demo site, and their php info shows their max_upload_size is set to 30 megs, and the memory limit to 128 megs, so why none of that is shown in the attachment dialog in their demo sites?

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