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Sharing session with NodeJS application

Michał Jackowski

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Hello, I am developing realtime NodeJS app, which I'd like to integrate with IPS Community.

I was wondering - what would be the easiest way to achieve session share between NodeJS app (heavly focused on Socket.IO) and IPS Community forum. 

My first idea was to pull in PHP JWT library and modify login method, then I could easily parse that in my NodeJS app, but this raises a problem - JWT would ideally reflect PHP Session - that's definitely improper solution. Since IPS cookies aren't encrypted, they aren't reliable in that case.

I have one more idea - use memcached as cachedrvier with some nodejs implementation of PHP's unserialize. This would give satisfying results without ingerating into IPS codebase.

Has anyone been there, am I missing something? I would really appreciateif you guys could point me in the right direction.

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