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Gallery Upload 'speed' mode?


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I don't know what else to call it.  I know we had a dozen simultaneous events across the country, and not a single person made the gallery work on mobile.

Could there be a configuration for mobile uploads that go to a 'stream' or 'now' or 'current' option? 

So they select nothing.

Maybe call it event mode, where between 6pm and 2am, mobile gallery uploads land in the same place in the simplest possible manner.


Just throwing this out there.


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some of my users were complaining that it's too difficult to upload to gallery. I've seen websites where every user has their own default personal album and all they do is upload photos. Photos automatically go to the users respective personal album. Users, are never asked to think about categories or albums. It all just happens automatically and feels natural. Come's with the loss of organizational control but this easy idea works out really well on some sites.

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