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Insecure javascript in ACP when Developer Mode enabled?


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When I enable Developer Mode, my ACP just doesn't really work anymore. All of the javascript is loaded through HTTP for some reason and is blocked by Chrome or Safari, because they deem it to be insecure content.

When Developer Mode is disabled, javascript is loaded through HTTPS and everything is fine.

Any idea what is going on? This is a new installation I recently made. All I've done was create a new skin and play with it, but that's not even the skin I'm using in the ACP. I'm using with the corresponding developer tools (I already had this issue with 4.1.7).

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Most likely because you are using HTTPS and this content is being served up over HTTP, you are getting mixed content warnings in Chrome/Safari. I would look into where those resources are called in the code and see if they are hard-coded for HTTP.

I'd look myself, but I don't have a 4.x install running (yet).

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