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Ranks / Promotion to certain groups?

Lenny Warren

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Ok, I have installed a rank system, and as my board is about military history, it's army ranks. (Yeah I know.;))

So, members can go from

  • private
  • lance corporal
  • corporal
  • sergeant
  • staff sergeant

by amount of posts. However, I want them to not be able to go further unless they buy a premium membership, and once they do, they go on to:

  • 2nd lieutenant
  • lieutenant
  • captain

etc. The thing is, do I set up a group called:

  • other ranks

for the first lot and then

  • officers

fort the second lot? and then how do I stop the staff sergeant's been promoted to the nest rank based on posts?

Would I have to create a separate group for each rank? It's just hurting my head trying to work this one out..


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I accomplish something similar using secondary groups (seen here: http://clanmxm.com/roster/ )

So I created all the groups for the ranks I wanted. I have a set of enlisted ranks, officer ranks and command ranks with multiple "positions" in each. For example:

E01 = Recruit
E02 = Private
E03 = PFC 
and so on..

Then I set up each group to promote to the next level based on time, but posts can also be used. 

Once the enlisted ranks hit the top rank (E10 in my case) they stopped. The only way they could move on to the officer ranks was by something or someone changing their secondary group. In my case an admin handles this manually, however with DevFuse's donation tracker or IPS Guru's automation rules (or even both?) you could automate it for your purposes. 

Not sure if that helps or not, but that's how I accomplish my ranks, the member still belongs to a primary group that handles permissions and what not. I will probably be incorporating the Automated Rules in the near future to make it even more customizable. 

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