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Make Templates more convenient

Ilya Hoilik

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Hello, guys.

I have 4 databases in the Pages app on my community. Now I'm working on one more database on client's community. I really hate this part of Templates page:


I have some suggestions:

  1. Possibility to rename categories. I use prefixes (simply database name) for identify templates (like "Dbname Template Name"). For example, I have changed database name or want to assign templates to other database. Why I cannot rename it?
  2. Possibility to move categories (up / down). In order to keep related categories together (for example, which related to one database).
  3. Possibility to delete category. Yes, I can't understand why we cannot delete category and all contained templates by clicking one button.
  4. Possibility to group categories by database. It is must have. We should see list of databases first.

Thank you guys for your attention.

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