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Can the (/) symbol and these convert to (-) in SEO URLs?


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The (/) symbol is a common word separator, as in buy/sell/trade, theme/skin, etc.

But the search engine friendly URLs created for content do not convert this to a hyphen so they become buyselltrade themeskin when they (imo) should be buy-sell-trade, theme-skin.

I would also put a few more on the list like . and + and &. Examples, IPS tips...tools, it now becomes: ips-tipstools. Lots of people use (...) and touch words. Also one+one, or Mike&Ike. Those would run together. You may also want to consider , ? ! " ' which usually are not in between words and touching but sometimes are due to title length limitations, and the more SEO friendly the better! Understandably you drop some symbols but I would say the / and . are important to convert.

I had reported it because the URL for my topic:

Commerce flaws/wish list



flawswish and I thought it was a bug since this is a common word separator.

Much better for SEO if



This was the bug report.

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