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Spam service ::ffff: vs


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Due to our server setup the regular IPv4-adresses end up being prepended with ::ffff:. As this is a standard way to express IPv4 adresses in the IPv6-format.

So IPv4-adresses in the community end up as ::ffff: instead of

However, this for example causes the spam service to miss hits. When I sent two manual spam service requests on the IP address above (one with ::ffff: and one without) the first one returned a spam code of 1, while the second one returned a spam status code of 4. 

I can't imagine we're the only server setup where this is the case. So in the code on your service servers, that responds to requests that wants information about an IP, could you take this case into account and string replace out "::ffff:" from the IP address before you do anything else with it?

I can imagine you possibly have "unknown duplicates" of IP addresses in your spam service due to this too. 

@Mark: I think I remember you deal with this for the most part. 

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