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How to Manage Members ?


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I need to mass delete members on a forum, for instance delete members registered since 1st january AND with 0 posts

on another forum, i need to delete ALL members

how can i do that ?

i had a look at plugins and apps but found nothing, and in the ACP i would need to do it one by one... (we-re talking of xx xxx members to delete)

Thanks for your help !

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Thank you

but i need to delete one group with 60 000 members

each time im trying to prune the members found, i have a timeout in 5mns... and it has only deleted 500 members

Why is it behaving so ?

i did some conversions from SMF and Vbulletin with more than 300 000 members without any problem, no timeout

But here, trying to do a basic operation : delete a group and its members : i cant perform it !

There must be a problem in the "prune" system

it should handle 200 by 200, looks like it's trying to delete all of them at once, giving a timeout...

How could i do this ? as i really need to delete those members

Could i do it directly on phpmyadmin ?

Tx for your help !

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Just now, Durango said:

Hi Ahmad, already asked to the support they only recommended to use the "prune" option in the ACP...

Yes that's what I'm saying. It should work, no matter if there are 60,000 or 6 members to prune. Tell them that it is not working and I'm sure they'll get it fixed :) 

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