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Sharing forum link on Facebook?

Lenny Warren

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When I try and share a forum post on Facebook, two weird things happen.

Firstly, the link on FB always goes to the main forum page, not the linked forum or post.

Secondly, the image that shows up next to the link on FB isn't the image I set in the Sharer options... the image that's there, is my very first profile pic on this board, I don't even use it anymore...



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8 hours ago, TAMAN said:

im not sure about about your first question but i know facebook is cached so you may not see the sharer logo immediately once you upload it might take some time to be on facebook 

Cheers, is that just a case of waiting till FB refreshes it's caches?

6 hours ago, opentype said:

The missing sharer image is probably caused by your sharer image being too small.

The wrong URLs are caused by your site not using friendly URLs. 

Thanks, is there an ideal size for the sharer image?

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