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Can I change "store" menu name?


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Hello @superj707,

After reading the above replies and suggestions, I highly encourage you to use this suggestion I will present now, as it is very much simplier, exactly what you need, as well as the same method I use personally :)

  1. Remove any changes you've made to the menu/delete the new 'store' menu you attempt to creating and revert the customization strings back to 'store' as it was.
  2. Go to your Menu Manager
  3. Create a new "External Link' menu
  4. Name it "Advertising" or whatever you would like it to be.
  5. Use this for the external url/link "www.YOURDOMAIN.com/index.php?/store/"
  6. Save & Done

Now you should have a menu called "Advertising" that when it is clicked it takes your directly to your Store front-page. Let me know how this goes for you. If you still could you help, please email be below and I'll jump on it for you :)

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