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Bug Tracker filters - Bugs I posted, Bugs I have Posted in


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Could you please add these sort filters to the Tracker? Forums has them for topics under Custom.

I have a stream for my own bugs but it has NO information. Besides the bug that it does not list who last replied, it is just a list of the titles, my picture, no filter tags, no nothing. If we could sort in the Tracker I would see everything. Who last relied, if it is marked fixed, what version. As of now I have to click into bugs to find I already checked them, since I am using streams. Thanks

PS. If this means Pages needs to be updated, please consider this a Pages suggestion and feel free to move.

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I'm aware of that also it's the same result (except you have a last post column), you don't see the tags like [4.1.8] [Closed] etc. and you see bugs from the Archived category.

Ideally, I'd like to go to the tracker, Active Bugs, Sort, Bugs I posted... done. All the same info you see there already just sorted by your own. ;) 

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