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Sort by closed tags, a closed tag menu bar, add mobile tags


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I plan to use closed tags and cut down on some sub-forums, much in the way IPS has their closed tags for Suite, Forums, Gallery, etc.

1. I would like to suggest when you enter a forum or content category and click Sort you can click Tags (and this only appear if using the closed system, otherwise it would be too many I think). This would be great for seeing all tags used in that area in a sorted list instead of clicking one tag and seeing just a list of that tag's content (which is for the whole site and not just that forum).

2. I would like to see some sort of tag menu bar showing all the tags used in that forum or content category. Basically an optional block for tags that is using the closed system, it would list them in a uniform menu format, and possibly (but not as much of a concern) if using the open system, in a tag cloud format. So when using closed system, at the top and/or bottom of the forum it looked like:

[suite]    [forums]    [gallery]        in some sort of box and you can click a closed tag instead of trying to find a post with that tag to click, as it may not even be on that page (and as mentioned, tags show content from the whole site, and this could be for that area only if possible (or setting), but in general the block would be a great addition).

3. I'm hoping this is a bug and not something that won't be fixed, but tags do not show on mobile. This is a huge issue, the whole functionality of content discovery through tags is not possible on mobile for forums (but is for the other apps).

Thank you!

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3 minutes ago, Rikki said:

It's under System -> Posting -> Tags (tab) :) 

would you believe it? I looked eveywhere. HOWEVER... the predefined tags in closed system cant be per forum or can they?  Some forums are on different ideas altogether

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