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Translating the site name

Stefan Werner

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It's something which I've asked for on several occasions (I also have a two-language site but am forced to name it using only one of them) and which I've yet to see acknowledged.

It's not an ideal solution because the site name doesn't change in emails etc but in my case I present the name as an image in the header and have used a language string in the logo template to make sure that a different one is loaded when the language changes:



Again, it's not perfect. You still only have one sharer logo for Facebook etc, your site only has one name in emails and so on, but I can't really think of an alternative.

You'll also notice a problem that even though you can have most things on screen (the menu items, category names, descriptions, etc) change when you switch languages, it's not possible to enter content in two languages, even at the admin-only level. So if invisionpower.com were a two-language site, the headings would change when the language was switched but all the content would still be in English. Same with blocks, in which behind the scenes you can give it a name in both languages but which only has a single-language name for the front end.

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