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Articles from old version - how to convert?


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I have one file with articles from previous version of my IPB. How to display it correctly on the newest version of IPB? For now, when i'm trying to open this manually, everything is broken and looks tragic. Also, how to display this with friendlyURL. Maybe, it possible to transfer it, to the new articles page, created from 0? Is there any tutorial, how to make Articles in new version around your community?

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Is that a block or the article widget? If it’s the latter, go to the database settings and activate the article mode:


That will give you an article view and you can also choose a layout here:


If the listing shows to many fields which you don’t want, go to the settings of the individual fields and turn this off:


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Ok, thank you very much - it looks now much better. Two more things and I will be happy.

1. When I'm on the main website of my articles, my browser shows that I'm in: https://forum.xxx/com/articles.html/

How to change this articles.html in this link to the NEWSY - I have to rename something, but what exactly and where?

2. Breadcrumb of my main website looks fine (see attachment 1), but when I open article it doubles NEWSY and adds rest of the breadcrumb (see attachment 2). How to remove this double NEWSY from Breadcrumb?



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You can change the URL “articles.html” to whatever you like in the settings for the page the article widget was placed on. 

The breadcrumb probably shows the page name “newsy” and then the category name “newsy”. I don’t think you can remove one of those. You should choose different words instead. 

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