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4.X Gallery Improvements: Descriptions Page


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The new 4.X gallery is certainly improved, however, there's one feature that makes it difficult for serious gallery users and publishers alike - how descriptions are handled after the images are uploaded.


^ In gallery for 4.X, you upload your images via drag and dropping and are then greeted with a beautiful post interface.


^ After you upload your images though, you have to enter the description of each photo one at a time, which negates cutting and pasting of similar descriptions.  You can scroll up and drown via the photo strip on the left to cut/paste descriptions, however, when you select a photo there's a time delay as the new page loads.


^ With 3.4, you can easily scroll up and down your uploaded photos page and cut/paste similar descriptions fast and easy.


^ In a similar fashion, Facebook's photo upload page allows users to quickly cut/paste photo descriptions all on one page, quickly and easily.

It would be great if you can change the way photo descriptions are added after they are uploaded to include them all on one page.

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