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as I came from Burning Board, there are a few features, that I loved there and it would be very cool if you can make a few of this in the next release of IP.S. With Burning Board 4.1 / Community Framework 2.1 WoltLab introcuded a notices system can provides the possibility to create notes and alerts for specific areas of the site (like create thread form, informations about an older support section, etc.)

Are there any plans to implement this or any other users that would love to see this feature in IP.S?

I hope that this is the right section for feature request - if not, please move it to the right section and inform me - I will do it better next time.

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You can restrict based on categories/items for almost every app with there as well. So you can show it in pretty specific areas.

The mod one I believe you can use either the widget version (which means you can control it that way) or the other but I'm not sure I don't have the app.

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