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Option for custom blocks to provide user specific data.


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I think it would be great if we could create a custom block and drop it on a user profile and when doing so have it only provide information specific from that user.

Example: A gallery block that when placed on user profiles outputs recent images respective USER has added to gallery. 

As is currently it seems it can only output ALL recent images loaded to gallery irrespective of the user who's profile the block is on.


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I asked for something similar toward the beginning and hoping that the blocks get some of their stuff back. Blocks used to be able to inherit variables from the page they were on. I think that the issue is that they are now in special containers and may not be getting that information because I can't have a block that knows that a topic is locked and so therefore displays a message I just have to display the block always or hard code it in.

Plus I'm waiting for random to come back!

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This is a really great idea. I was literally just now searching to see if there was something in the marketplace that would perform this function. The closest thing I found looks great although it's an outdated app. 



+ the option for allowing user specific data for IPB4 would be great.

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