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Notification turned off by default for new members.


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After months of struggle and confusion with the support staff, I realize that since Aug 2015 (6 months) my community has all new members notification turned off by default due to some upgrades that happen in 4.0.10 - 4.0.13. This is totally unacceptable that IPB take such decision and decide to give no option to admin to toggle it on/off. 

It's my humble request and product feedback here to please switch these notification ON (by default) and give admin an option to switch OFF.

These notifications are the integral part of any forum software that I have ever used since 2002. It's because of these notifications, community members get an idea to participate or not by reading the notification emails.

Appreciate if anyone knows some patch, third party tool, sql database editing to turn all members notification on until I get the required support. Thanks.


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I'm glad to hear the first IPB user realizes the importance of this feature.

I have not received any information yet from support except that they will look into this in future upgrades. I am also waiting desperately and ready to pay to any third party tool / plugin to switch this ON for my community. If you get someone, I am ready to share the cost.

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