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"Clean" upgrade to 4

Marc S

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Id like to upgrade our current board from 3.4 to 4 but at the same time clean up years of mess. What id like to do ideally is remove all old files, upload the new ones run the install to upgrade our Database to the new version. Is this possible or something i should avoid? Apart from the Uploads folders are there any others i need to retain to keep things working?

Hope this makes sense.


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This is what I got when I ask for help in tickets. I did it and it works find for me.


Follow this process exactly.

  • Upload all the IPS4 files and do your upgrade first
  • Backup all files and folders - This is extremely important as if you have any problems you at least know you have these
  • Delete all files and folders EXEPT the uploads directory and contents, and your conf_global.php file
  • Upload a fresh set of the IPS4 files

One clean directory.


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