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I think a members widget/block would be nice.


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4 hours ago, Izaya Orihara said:

isn't this kind of what this add-on does?



"kind of" would be the key word here.  I am really looking for a basic widget that will allow a basic block placed on the home page showcasing members.  An option to only show recent members "with avatar" would be nice. (even though my example didn't do that)

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17 hours ago, Tom Irons said:

I can make something in the next few days ^_^ 

What would you like to be displayed?

I am open to your creative ideas. Mostly going for something clean and attractive that looks great on the home page. Perhaps it would list only online users with option to ignore users who are without profile picture. Cap it at 24 images and then sum the remaining online members in a text line message below saying something like "and 54 additional members are online now" and the "online now" can be a link to the standard IPB online list.

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