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Suggestion - Add toggle open/close to emoticon categories

The Old Man

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Please can add a toggle to open and close the emoticon smilies, in order to make it easier to drag/drop reorder them?

Once you have several categories and each one contains several rows of smilies, its a nightmare trying to reorder them. If we could close the categories, it would be a lot easier to move them up and down the page.

Many thanks.

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I really wish you would add this feature! It would be so much easier to drag and drop categories of emoticons if we could toggle the category open and closed, and save on a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

Also, please could you consider adding an 'import/export category' option for Emoticons in the AdminCP? It would increase the number of Emoticon packs available in the Marketplace if it were easier to share them, also helpful for re-using them quickly in our other communities if we have more than one.

Lastly, would you add a toggle option so make them visible/invisible in the emoticon chooser, so we can toggle seasonal smilies on and off but still have them show in existing topics where they have been used?

Many thanks!

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