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Can you remove upload attachments in gallery descriptions?


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When adding an image into the gallery the description area adds confusion by suggesting upload image attachment or insert other media.

Can you please remove this so gallery does not end up a mass of confusion to members? Keep the description totally simplified to describe the gallery image only, is best all round


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I completely see the opportunity for mayhem and worry about it myself. 

As a counterpoint though I did have a use case where the ability to add images to a gallery description was very useful. 

It was a family scrapbook album. The gallery images were family photographs and the descriptions sometimes included the back of the photograph (handwritten notes typically) and in one case both a newspaper article scan about the incident shown in the gallery image and a youtube about it. The supporting images would have made no sense as separate gallery images and having them in the description was ideal.

It's a conundrum for sure. 



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