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Member Group Display Order


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This seems like it should be a simple thing to do, given that there is already "drag and drop" available for changing the order of forums and categories, and other fields.  I want to be able to drag and drop in the ACP to change the display order of my member groups.

Why is this important?

On my site, for example, I use military ranks which members can promote through automatically and it gets confusing when those groups are sorted alphabetically rather than in order of rank.  In addition, I use secondary groups for displaying group image tags in profiles for secondary groups my members are in and I want them to display in the order I choose, rather than being forced to have them display alphabetically. I use a mod that allows secondary groups to display in profiles, but the display order feature is not included in it and should be part of standard IPB to cover the issue for both primary and secondary member groups.

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