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Thumbs Rating (Support)

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Adds up/down thumb ratings to topics as well as display on forum view.

v1 Features:

  • Thumbs up or down a topic with ajax voting supported.
  • Average score that takes total thumbs up minus total thumbs down for each topic.
  • Group permission for who can view thumb ratings and who can add their own ratings.
  • Topic owners are restricted from rating their own topics.
  • Set of up or down thumbs based on average score and capped to 5 up or down thumbs.
  • Each topics thumbs rating displayed within forum view and capped to 5 up or down thumbs.



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8 hours ago, Nick Bowen said:

This is exactly what we're looking for on our feature suggestion forum.  One quick question, is it possible to hide the thumbs ratings on forums you wish not to have it? 

No not currently but I've noted this for the next version as relatively easy to include. In the meantime I can provide temporary template edits if this is crucial.

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No problem, we're going to go live with our forums in a week or two so we'll just go live with this feature available on all forums and see how our members react.  It may just be an unintended positive feature of our other forums as well, who knows.


Thanks for your help.

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On 01/08/2016 at 1:23 PM, ResPecT My Authoritah said:

I would really like that... I acsually need it for my contest im running for the most best topic... and I could use your mod.. Would there be anyway you can start coding this...if i pay a little?

I'm sorry but I'm not be able to take on new custom requests until at least September.

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On 6/8/2019 at 2:39 AM, Louis-Alexander Desire said:

Just installed and when clicking on the thumbs up or down it doesn't seem to register properly.. One has to click several times to make the vote appear. Am I the only one having this issue?

If you open the thumb up or down in a new tab is it registering any errors that the "ajax" might not be showing?

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14 hours ago, livegames.co.il said:

After 3 times of activate and deactivate the app, it somehow work fine now; no logs. @Michael.J

  • Why doesn't the app appear on the mobile (rate topic squere)?
  • Why it look ugly as follows?
  • Can you open admin cp > theme editor > thumbsrating > front > hooks > voteForm
    Find and remove:
  • Are you seeing that in the default theme as well? Should look something like this
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