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Relationship Field in profile and card


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Can you please add relationship field in profile and profile card default in next update with tag with members id's.

coz many ppl are not coder like me and not too much knowledge abt this how to do that. it would be easy if we get this option . 

such as :



in relation with ( member username )




cousins ... etc

i think it would be nice if we get this by default . :) 

thank you

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31 minutes ago, Cloud 9 said:


This isnt FACEBOOK :cry:

hahaha i know but still ppl like it. and its not only in facebook its everywhere in most of the biggest apps or communities. :D 

19 minutes ago, superj707 said:

I think you can set a custom profile field drop down in the ACP to have this as an option on your site.

I can explain further if you need help.

Thank you :)

awwwwwww thank u soo much :) if u can that would be soo nice :) in my language we says ''nikki or poch poch'' :D means dont ask if u wanna do good deeds :D just do it please :p joke a part but really please help me out :) thanks for reply :) 

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17 hours ago, superj707 said:

okay try this

ohhh thanks so much :)   i tried this .. but only 1 thing which im not getting how to do tht..   @superj707  when u select taken by or in relation with then there should be a box where we can find member id and tag him/her in that selection. hope u got my point .. :( im not good enough in english to explain but hope u got my point. 

like for example 

relation with fields :

id finder box = drop down box

username 1 = cousin

username 2 = brother

username 3 = sister

and so on so user can define their relation with other users .. and they can get a notification and offer to accept or decline.. 

something like that and i really dont know how to do tht. thats wht i was talking abt ..


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On 2/8/2016 at 9:17 PM, superj707 said:

There is a way to have a member select box, but the approval system would require a custom modification.

hmmm thats what im looking for. and hope somebody will do that custom modification for ppl like us who knows nothing. :cry:

anyway i like the idea of member list age location application of urs . and hope andrio will make that within 2 weeks :p he is well trained guy and hope he will make it soon :) u paying alot @superj707 

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