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My community has got about 150 forums. All the forum have the same rules (about 50 lines of text)

If I want to show a link to these rules at the top of each forum, I have to copy/paste the rules content for each forum.
And If few days after I want to update the rules, I have to change for the 150 forums.

I understand some forums may have differents rules but it would be very usefull to have choice between "link to specific rules" or "link to common rules" for example.

I hope you understand what I mean.



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I still can't find this menu



I tried to find with "Search AdminCP" too with the words "Manage Blocks" or "Announcements". But there is nothing

Maybe there is, "mais autant chercher une aiguille dans une botte de foin"



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I know how to create announcement, but I don't know where they are displayed.

 I thought the announcement was displaying like rules link, on the top of a forum or a topic. But I can't see them.

And where can I do that : " Click on "Manage Blocks" and find "Announcements" widget in System "

Thank you




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