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Analytics pageviews decrease between versions?


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I'm assuming this is to do with how IPB works but comparing 2010 and now in Google Analytics, my sessions and users are about the same, this is okay, however my pageviews is almost half, in 2010 I got around 1,000,000, now I get 500,000.

It seems unusual considering the sessions/users in analytics being pretty consistent throughout the life of my forum,

So I am wondering, is this due to something IPB has changed on how pages are loaded or similar? I mean, I am not bothered if it is, I am just curious to find out what caused it to half.

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A reduction in pageviews is to be expected. That's because things that required a full pageview in 3.x are now loaded dynamically in 4.0 - for example, changing pages within a forum, topic or search results, replying to a topic, using the messenger etc. These actions won't count as separate page views in analytic tools in IPS4.

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On 3/2/2016 at 5:18 AM, Rikki said:

Incidentally, we are considering improving integration with Google Analytics so that we can tell it to register a page view for these kinds of dynamic loading areas, so that may change in future ^_^ 

Any idea on when we could expect that to happen? I did notice a significant drop in page viewed when I moved to 4.0

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