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Nexus 4 - Address Not Needed - QoLI


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Quality of Life Improvement  (QoLI)

It would be nice to have a setting that if your paying by a means that don't need a physical address to have the option to turn this off and move on. If the setting is not there than some users don't have to worry about it, also some people don't want to put it there. But of course this option should be allow to be the owner of the board. Some people want it some people don't. There was a talk about it someone where else but the option to allow it is something to at least be allow to be choose by the owners and such. For example I use Paypal and don't need are want my user to put their address in as I don't need them to. Some don't want to so hidden it will even work. If not turning it off maybe a option to allow to hide it like a collapse will even work and may be more simply(er) to code. But this post is not for the right are wrong for each Admin to have for taxes reason but to allow the option for the owner to choose.

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