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Under profile pic it has the text name of user group so say its Admin and then you add a group rank image now you have the text "Admin" with a rank image under it that has Admin kinda looks tacky or defeats the purpose of the group rank image is there away to not display the group text name and just the group image?

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AdminCP -> Customization -> your active theme -> Edit HTML and CSS -> TEMPLATES -> forum -> topics -> postContainer

There's a line like this

<li>{expression="\IPS\Member\Group::load( $comment->author()->member_group_id )->formattedName" raw="true"}</li>

Just comment this out or remove it. Be mindful of some plugins though, as one of my plugins actually makes a copy of postContainer, so no matter the changes I made they didn't reflect on actual posts. I was wondering for a good 30 minutes as to what's going on.

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